Masks for Sale

Mask Making has been my passion for the past two months. Can you help me. Like you bills are high and income low. I have hospital bills from 2018 that I am still paying on….can you help.

•100% cotton
• Three layers of high quality cotton quilt fabric. 2 layers of white lining with pocket for filter, one pattern fabric
• Bendable wire at nose for a snug fit.
• elastic ear ties made from high quality elastic.
• Inside pocket for optional added filtration layer.
• Pleated construction.

All fabrics prewashed in hot soapy water to rid of sizing and shrink cotton and make the weave tight as can be. This keeps mask shape after repeated washing.

Adjustable elastic ear ties. Elastic can be replaced when worn.

The pleats in the mask give a lot of wiggle room for sizing. The adult is truly a one size fits all option.

Filter pocket if you want to add a filter, otherwise can be worn as is.
Clip at top of mask for closer fit around nose. Great fit with no fog with glasses.
Pleated for contoured fit.
Michigan Made with pride.

For those wishing to add more filtration: common choices are hepa filters, coffee filters, paper towel, or scrap fabric from old clothes, etc.
Discard non-washable filtration pieces are each use.

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