Birthday Banana Bread

Yes, the birthday is here and it is snow and cold. I had bananas calling to me…

It is a hard day for me, I am a twin….my twin passed in 2014, yes, 7th birthday without her…she was 56 and passed from brain bleed/stroke…a very heartbreaking day. The joy is we were born on my brothers 4th birday. yes, true. So we did the birthday call thing this morning.

Simple to make and tastes so good. During the past year like many….this has been made alot at our house.

Nothing fancy but easy to make

Mash the Bananas, Yes, 3 eggs, put dry ingredients and and stir together. I add cinnamon

It looks mushy and heavy but tastes good. Sooooo I have no fancy kitchen, it does not matter, You will love my baking cupboard.

Yes, a dishwasher now a baking center for over a year now…it works. I wash all my dishes by hand cause it helps my arthritis

Also the past year has been hard on my family ….it is just my husband and me. He was forced into early retirement and I already have ongoing health issues, so our income is limited. Life is that way…..

So enjoy the banana Bread….Also, I did get a Car battery for a Birthday gift, that little battery for a 2001 Chevy Malibu was over $180.00 yikes, my husband put it in…….it is cold here, so it zaps everything. The car battery was pass due, so had to be done.

My adventure for the day…..card making is going on but thought you would love what I did today.

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