Last Day of 2021

Yes, the days of 2021 are coming to an end…praying your 2021 was better than what I was dealt with.

January, started with Aunt very ill with Covid, she pulled through…thank you God. February, March, still went no where cause of Covid. March I was able to get my first vaccine. April, May, June…made it through…things looking up. July, eek….Aunt Fell broke jaw, so I stayed with her several weeks….she lived out of town and I was away from Husband and my sweet dog…oh, no fun. August, I had a infusion for Osteoporosis and it helped. That same day, my brother was in hospital but I could not see him cause of Covid restrictions….no he did not have Covid, just limited 2 visitors a day. Two days later, he passed, it was heart breaking, totally sad and it shook me to my core. At this time, I did not go to funeral cause I was still helping Aunt out and did not want to infect here with Covid Virus if I came in contact at church. Oh ya, I have not been to church but to my brother’s showing (where my husband and I and two others only had masks on……hence, why I did not go to funeral). September came, was to have knee replacement, could not cause I had a tooth issue…got than done…delayed surgery. Finally October 13th, surgery date, well was moved from Original hospital out of town cause Hospital filled with Covid Patients. Surgery done, recooped and now December and doing better. Ending the year praying 2022 better.

So, that is why I was limited on my postings, WoW, never a boring moment for this old lady. Yes, I am not young but I am still enjoying life. Yes, I love to create, creating is a life style, brings joy to yourself and others… matter how things get bad.

Yes, I knit, Sew, Quilt and lots of paper crafting. This is why I am so thankful for Stampin’ Up!…..the days of 2020 and 2021 have been many days of staying home…… Yes, I take precautions, so that is why no in person classes. As I write this, our hospital is so full, it is a big hospital and they are adding 39 beds….Can not get sick. I will be doing more videos this year and some card classes by mail…..

so what have I been doing…..lots of card making…below are some samples.

Many Sympathy cards this year… sad….so hard to make

Favorite Die Set…….
Favorite Stamp!
2021 making session
Product List

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