Changes are Never Ending

this is a card made for birthday….we love cats. This is from a old retired stamp set. This means it can no longer be ordered. Sadly, this changes quickly and often. I bring this up cause things are changing again at Stampin Up!. First like every costs are changing, sadly, like everything these days. I am hanging on….our lives have changed greatly with lower income and higher prices, our household is hurting. I love creating and sharing, I will not stop but I need to change how I do things…….I know many who tell me to stop and step back….I need to have some sells or I need to scale back. I am my own best customer and need to change to survive.

So….next week the retire list comes out and will be telling you about it March 23….so things are changing…

Place an order, use host code RJZPGZRC and get extra fun….

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