Happy Easter!

Die cut card revisited

You may not celebrate Easter, but it has been part of my being for my entire life. This year, it has not been one to celebrate. I push myself to do so. Last August, I lost my brother after heart issues, strokes and falling. He was my only sibling who stayed with the Catholic church and celebrated the special day. This same special brother always called me when I sent him a card. This summer, Covid restrictions kept me from seeing him in the hospital. The saddest thing, I could not attend his funeral. I was helping someone who had fallen and lived out of town. In her 80’s with no home Healthcare available. I attended the burial but not the same.

Easter, Spring…season of change, renewal. Life stops for no one. My heart aches but creating helps me in so many ways.

The card I show Above is one I did post before…look back and you will see All the information on how it was made.

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