Tuesday Creating Fun with Arthritis

The day begins with lining up what to do? Yikes, so many things to get done before play time. Dishes and laundry. Yes, than figuring out dinner. Does not seem like much but live with arthritis is no fun. You can not do what you want to do when you want to do it. TheContinue reading “Tuesday Creating Fun with Arthritis”

What Happend to the Wood Stamps?

Yes, no more wood stamps with Stampin’ Up…ugh or happy dance? I love the wood but also it takes lots of space for storage. So….what do you do? I love the new Cling on stamps with the stamparatus. Product List Stamparatus [146276] $49.00 Yes, my arthiritic hands love the ease of just flipping over theContinue reading “What Happend to the Wood Stamps?”